Hello, I’m Leo Messi.

No matter the titles, trophies and honors, I will always be the boy who grew up in Rosario, Santa Fé, Argentina. It was there that I learned to walk just to be able to chase a dream.

And yet, I was told I would never be a footballer.

But being smaller forced me to be faster. Disbelievers, critics and naysayers made me more determined than ever. With the support of my family I moved to Spain with the chance to play for Barça. It was an opportunity to be the player that I always dreamed I could be.

I’m 23 now. And football still means exactly the same to me. I can only think of the next game, of giving all I’ve got for Barcelona and for Argentina.

It’s an honor and a responsibility to be considered the best player in the world, but I would not be where I am without my teammates of Barça and the National Team. It is for them, my family and my fans that I keep working hard.

I also understand the special and important role of a public figure and how I can help those in need. That is why my family and I created the Leo Messi Foundation. Putting smiles on the faces of disadvantaged children and helping them maintain hope is always one of my greatest achievements.

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