blogging-wordl1. Less hyping, more helping.

2. Keep it simple, that’s the best approach.

3. Stop writing crap; quit publish crap.

4. You want traffic, attention, notoriety, credibility, sales, revenue.

5. Nobody is perfect;  constant learning and training.

6. Writing is a huge responsibility.


7. Inspire action and/or reflection.

8. Information is more powerful than ever. And if you’re going to abuse that power, you don’t deserve it.

9. Share informative and relevant content .

10. Make sure you’re interacting with others ; remember that it’s a two-way street.

11. Be present and participate.

12. It’s all about serving your audience and customers.

Sursa:  Shelly Kramer

P.S. And some things you need to know about publishing from Copyblogger.



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