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Unapologetically, Volvo Aims Its New Campaign At True Believers

“We came to the point where we feel the most important thing we can do for our business,” Panas explained, “is to re-communicate what the brand is all about.”

Why Volvo’s CMO is Serious About Social

Volvo In our most recent campaign, we, along with our AOR Arnold Worldwide, were trying to be more bold and polarizing by comparing Volvo to other luxury cars in the market. So the campaign is having fun with the traditional luxury stereotypes. We created one banner ad that brought this idea to life, so we thought. The ad features a Chihuahua in a dress, and the copy says, “If your dog has a wardrobe, then a Volvo is not for you.” We thought it was hilarious but were really surprised when 50 percent of our fans thought we crossed the line. Apparently, dressing up your dog has become more mainstream. We were actually planning to create a billboard based on this banner and decided not to based on the feedback. I will also tell you that our budget this year did go up 40 percent for digital and social media combined, which is a big increase. And I foresee these budgets will continue to go up, both for human and financial resources.




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